Ofsted Reports

We are particularly proud of the some of the Inspector’s comments in our most recent report which included…

“Parents and carers are very positive about the school. Comments such as ‘we now have hope for our son’ and ‘the school has put a smile back on my child’s face’ are typical of those made by parents who spoke to inspectors.”

“Leaders and staff help pupils learn a lot at this school. All staff are committed to pupils achieving their best and help them realise their potential.”

“Pupils make friends here. They say that their friends are kind, show respect and are ‘just nice’. Pupils feel safe at school. They say and believe that staff care about them.”

“Staff have clear expectations of pupils’ behaviour. Staff are patient and listen to pupils when they get anxious or upset. They encourage pupils to reflect on their actions and talk about their feelings. Staff work with individual pupils to ensure everyone is respected.”

We are pleased to share our Ofsted reports with you. If you have any questions about our latest report then please get in touch.

June 2023 Inspection

Historic Ofsted Reports

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