Transitions and Secondary School


When children transition to a new class, we ensure they are introduced to their new class teacher, class group and that there are ample opportunities to meet with any  new staff members who will be supporting them.

For some children, the thought of moving to a new classroom, with different peers and adults, can be daunting. We, therefore, ensure that children can discuss their worries or concerns so they can be supported and reassured. Class movements occurring mid-year are only ever made if it is in the best interest of the child.

Teachers meet in the Summer Term, each year, to discuss individual learners and their progress as they move to the next class. As part of these meetings, teachers discuss where each child is working at academically, their wellbeing and personal development and any other relevant information. This means that prior to the ‘Meet your Teacher’ sessions we hold for our learners, the class teacher has already extended their understanding of the children in their class. This means relationships can be built on a foundation of sound knowledge and understanding of a child’s learning and development.

An Education Health and Care Plan Transition Review Meeting is held when children are in Year 6 and we schedule these  in the Autumn Term to allow sufficient time for children to secure the most appropriate secondary provision.

When transitioning to Secondary School, some of our children will remain in Special Educational Needs provision and some will return to mainstream education. We work closely with children, parents/carers and other professionals to ensure the correct school is identified and secured.

We support children and parents to research and meet with suitable secondary schools. Once a school has been selected and named, we work closely with the receiving school to ensure information is shared effectively for each child.

Our Year 6 staff work with children throughout the year to prepare them for this next step, including  completing transition booklets and discussing any worries children may have. Staff also undertake work with children individually which is specific to the secondary provision they will be attending.

Children have the opportunity to visit their new schools, and we also invite staff from these schools to join lessons at The Rowan to work with the children.

We ensure parents and carers are always fully informed about transitions so we can work together to support children.

Our Own Secondary Provision

Rowan’s ‘sister’ Secondary School, Coombswood School, opened in the Autumn Term 2023.